How It Works

Find out how RealticoWeb works from start to finish in 4 easy steps!

Step 1
1-on-1 Consultation

Your brand-new realtor website from RealticoWeb starts with an online consultation with our website experts! We’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs, requirements, and how we can help you get your new real estate website up and running.

Step 2
Give Us Your Details

After we meet with you and you’ve selected a package, we’ll send you a link to give us all the information you’d like us to include on the website: your biography, selling points of your business, images, and anything else you can think of. 

Send us text, photos, and more for your custom realtor website
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Step 3
Get Your Preview

After you send us your information, the RealticoWeb team will begin putting your website together. Once it’s ready, you’ll be given a link to log in and review it! From there, you can send us further changes, make other tweaks, or let us know how much you love it.

Step 4
Launch Your Site

After we’ve completed any revisions or changes, and you love the new website as much as we know you will, we just need the greenlight from you and we’ll begin preparing it to go live!

Get Your RealticoWeb Realtor Website Today!

All it takes is finding the right package for your real estate business and creating an account. We’ll take it from there!

Explore Our Designs

Jumpstart your realtor website by selecting from our exclusive design library.

Custom Realtor Real Estate Websites from RealticoWeb

Metro Home

  • Background Video
  • Modern Navigation
  • Full-Screen Gallery

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Custom Realtor Real Estate Websites from RealticoWeb

Ace Agent

  • Realtor-Focused
  • Spacious & Modern
  • Great for Individuals

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Custom Realtor Real Estate Websites from RealticoWeb

Realty Guru

  • Big Photos
  • Clean & Spacious
  • Great for Individuals or Agencies

View Demo

Custom Realtor Real Estate Websites from RealticoWeb

Urban View

  • Crisp & Modern
  • Photo-Focused
  • Highly Customizable

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