Find out what you get with a RealticoWeb realtor website!

Design Customization

Take your pick from our design library and make the changes you need: colours, fonts, photos - whatever suits you!

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Basic SEO

We'll implement basic search engine optimization to make sure search engines catalogue your website for people to find.

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Mobile Design

Your website will be optimized to work on any device such as phones, laptops and tablets no matter the size.

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Incredible Customer Support

If you need to make any changes or if something doesn't work, our team will be here to help.

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Content Pages

A content page will showcase specific information (including text, images and video), such as your biography, buyers/sellers information, FAQs, and more.

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DDF Feed Integration

A Data Distribution Facility (DDF®) feed will allow you to showcase Canadian Real Estate Association listings right on your website.

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Google My Business Setup

Our advanced SEO services provides a business listing directly on Google, showcasing your business' information when a user searches for you.

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Advanced SEO

In-depth search engine optimization such as conversion optimization, structured data, keyword-targeted content, and more to help boost your search rankings.

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Basic Analytics Reports

We'll give you a monthly report detailing your website's tracking, user journeys, and more.

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Advanced Analytics Reports

We'll provide you with a more detailed analytics report that includes property information, detailed user interactions, and more.

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Custom Property Feed

Separate from the DDF® feed, we'll implement a custom-tailored property feed so you can show off the best homes you have to offer!

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Fully Custom Design

If your business needs a little more than what our design library offers, we can come up with a unique design for your website.

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Premium SEO

The best SEO package we have to offer, includes ongoing optimization and monitoring to give you the best shot and ranking high in search engines.

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Page Speed Optimization

The faster your website, the more likely a user is to browse it. Plus, a speed optimized website is good for SEO!

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Custom Integrations

Our development team can integrate external software such as CRMs and other marketing software to make the most of your website.

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Video Walkthroughs

If you work with a videographer in creating video walkthroughs of your homes, we can integrate this into your website.

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Online Booking for Viewings

Make booking a property viewing easy by allowing potential buyers to book right from your website.

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Personalized Marketing Strategies

Every realtor is unique. That's why we offer personalized marketing, custom-tailored to your business needs.

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